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Nuka-Cola comes back to Target this week

Nuka-Cola. Need a Nuka-Colaaaaa ... OK, calm down Sheffield.

If you've been thirsting like Sheffield for the clean, crisp 400-hit-point-restoring refreshment of Nuka-Cola Quantum, the favorite beverage of Fallout 4 will be returning to Target next week.

Fallout's official Twitter feed shared the news yesterday. A bottle of the blue stuff is not 50 caps. It's $2.99, free if you buy Fallout 4 or its DLC season pass.

Nuka-Cola Quantum IRL was introduced back on Nov. 10 and quickly sold out. It's made by Jones Soda and is a repackaged version of its berry lemonade flavor. It does not completely restore all your health. (In fact, no one has still calculated the real-world value of one hit point. Whoever does so will win a Nobel, I'm sure.)

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