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Grand Theft Auto Online upgrades this week with 'Executives and Other Criminals'

Run a criminal operation or serve as hired muscle for one.

An update coming Tuesday to Grand Theft Auto Online, called Executives and Other Criminals, will bring new modes of play and a slew of vehicles and lifestyle items.

The new cooperative gameplay mode will let players establish their own criminal enterprise and hire on other human players to serve as paid muscle. They'll receive a regular paycheck of in-game currency and their own special benefits as well. Those in charge of the operation will find new co-op jobs and challenges in Grand Theft Auto Online, and new special abilities for use in Freemode.

Executives and Other Criminals also brings along a heavy dose of the bling for which Grand Theft Auto Online has become well known. In addition to armed and armored cars, the new Super Yacht also is available, with a fleet of companion vehicles including a helicopter. Luxury apartments up in the Vinewood Hills help complete the bigshot persona.

More details are available through Rockstar Newswire. The update is free and arrives Dec. 15 for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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