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Star Wars toy collectors get mocked on Saturday Night Live

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening on Friday, Saturday Night Live used its most recent episode to poke fun at adult fans of the franchise.

In a fake commercial, the late night variety show's writers juxtaposed a couple of kids who wanted to play with a new set of Force Awakens action figures with adults who were more than happy to keep them in the box and just stare at them.

The joke isn't anything new, and SNL is not the first show to take aim at the people obsessed with the Star Wars franchise. The joke seemed lazy at times, but when you take into account the fact that actors like Taran Killam are genuinely obsessed with the films, it all seems like lighthearted fun.

The rest of the episode was strange, to say the least. It was chock-full of weird sketches that simply didn't work most of the time.

Despite that, however, there were some redeeming factors to the episode, including a guest appearance from Will Ferrell (who reprised his role as President George W. Bush) and the cast finally taking proper shots at Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Nearly a month after he took the stage to host, that is.

So just how did the Chris Hemsworth-hosted episode do? Find out below.

Best sketch: Time to Bleed

The digital short played pretty early on in the show, but it was without question the best part of the episode. Chris Hemsworth plays a stereotypical tough guy cop who works beside Sasheer Zamata to take down a dangerous criminal. During the investigation, Hemsworth gets shot and refuses to go see a doctor about it, instead letting himself fall into a delusional state while still trying to play the hero.

It's the type of comedy that Hemsworth does brilliantly: a perfect mixture of masculinity, charm and innocence. It was also nice to see the SNL writers take a chance on a form of riskier comedy that they aren't sure the audience will react to. This time, it most certainly paid off.

Runner-up: Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is another example of taking a chance on a weird style of comedy and having it pay off extremely well. This was one of the first sketches that really used new cast member John Rudnitsky and his musical talents, and it just goes to prove that like the batch of other recent additions to the cast (including Pete Davidson and Leslie Jones), Rudnitsky was a solid hire.

Although there were lulls in the sketch, it was both unique and funny enough to stick the landing, and that's one of the most important parts of any SNL sketch.

Most topical: Star Wars Toy Commercial

Again, this was the last SNL episode that the cast and writers could cram in Star Wars jokes before The Force Awakens opens on Friday.

Surprisingly, it was the first sketch of the night to air and was missing Hemsworth, but Taran Killam more than made up for it with his portrayal of an exaggerated Star Wars toy collector. It's only a minute long, but they manage to stick just about every joke you can think of in that 60-second period.

Best surprise: Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell made a surprise appearance at the beginning of the episode, taking up the entire six-minute block of the show's customary cold open.

In the open, he played his most infamous SNL impersonation, George W. Bush, and gave his reasons explaining why he'd make an nominee in the upcoming election, over candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Although the material was weak at times, it was great to see Ferrell on the SNL stage again.

Worst sketch: Male strippers

Okay, SNL, we get it: Chris Hemsworth is a total babe. But just how many times in one episode can you have him show off his arms before the joke gets old?

If you're going to recycle the same joke, you have to at least ensure that the sketch holds up on its own, too. In this sketch, it simply did not. The idea was cute at best and although the acting was fine, there wasn't enough depth for the jokes to really develop outside, "Look at how good looking Chris Hemsworth is."

All in all, the most recent episode wasn't anything special, but Hemsworth was a decent host and there were a few good moments. Next week, SNL veterans Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will co-host the Christmas episode with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on board as musical guest.

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