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Mad Max: Fury Road may get black-and-white theatrical release in 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road is far from being over and done with. Or at least, that's what producer Doug Mitchell claims.

In a profile piece for Screen Daily, Mitchell said that when director George Miller originally started production on the movie, the goal was to always shoot a black-and-white version of the film. Miller always imagined that that he would just add the "second film" as an exclusive feature on the Blu-ray version, but was left disappointed when the studio said they couldn't possibly add it.

Now, however, Mitchell has said that there's a very good chance the black-and-white version will get a theatrical release in 2016.

The version, which is already completed, was leaked online in September, but was promptly taken down by the studio. If the film does get a second running, it's still uncertain whether it'll be a full length release in all theaters across the country or just a limited release in all major cities.

Fury Road, which was released back in May, has been named film of the year by numerous critic associations and has started to generate serious award buzz.

Most recently, Fury Road received two top Golden Globes nominations, including Best Film - Drama and a Best Director nomination for Miller.

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