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Just Cause 3 re-opens 'The Dress' debate

For the record, it's white-and-gold

Players have found an Easter egg in Just Cause 3 that references one of 2015's biggest memes. "The Dress" makes an appearance in the game and Redditors and its Steam community have shared the evidence. The video above shows the gag in action, and will help you find it for yourself.

"The Dress" became a viral sensation earlier this year as people weighed in on whether the clothing in question was black-and-blue or white-and-gold. It's an interesting example of optical trickery, albeit a highly divisive one that factionalized the internet.

Instead of choosing a side, Just Cause 3 takes the easy way out by putting two different wearers of the polarizing dress in the game. Don't expect this Easter egg to settle any of your withstanding "The Dress" debates — and good luck if it re-opens them.

Just Cause 3 relishes its in-jokes, which players have been discovering since its release earlier this month. Last week, video of the game's hint of Final Fantasy 7 made its way online.

For more on the open-world action game, read our review. You can watch our gameplay overview below, too.

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