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Nintendo's Mario LinkedIn account confirms plumbing degree, damsel rescuing skills

Famed Italian-American plumber, Brooklynite and kart racer Mario seems to have created an official LinkedIn account for himself detailing his early years as a plumber and transition into damsel rescuing, kart racing and hero of New York's sewer systems.

"For the past thirty five years I have been a proud Italian-American plumber who, along with my younger brother Luigi, have to defeated creatures that have been coming from the sewers below New York City," Mario writes.

Listed as Mario Bros. on LinkedIn, the website dedicated to posting resumes, making business connections and finding jobs, Mario writes that he got his start in 1969 when he began attending City University of New York — Brooklyn College. In 1973, Mario graduated with an associate's degree in engineering and moved on to become an apprentice plumber with UA Local One. But it wasn't until 1981, a year after becoming a full plumber with Plumber Local One, that Mario made his first big splash outside the normal daily duties of a typical plumber.

"I rescued a damsel in distress named Pauline from a giant ape named Donkey Kong," Mario writes under a job listed simply as "Jumpman," in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1983, Mario writes under the job "Mario Bros." that he was "A plumber who, along with my younger brother Luigi, defeat[s] creatures that have been coming from the sewers below New York City."

Both Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Kart are also listed under work experience. Among his listed skills are damsel rescuing, plumbing, pasta eating and mustache growing.

Earlier this week, Mario used the platform to post an article about business acumen entitled "Everything I learned about business I learned by playing Super Mario Bros."


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