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You can now pay $29.99 to boost to level 25 in Destiny

Currently only listed on the UK PlayStation Store.

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Destiny players in the U.K. can pay to instantly raise their character to level 25, according to a new item listed for sale on the region's PlayStation Store.

Update: The items have now appeared on the North American Xbox Live Marketplace, where they cost $29.99.

Listed for £24.99, the items are valid for each of the game's three classes: warlock, hunter and titan.

Destiny's current level cap is 40.

The listings have not yet appeared on the U.S. PlayStation Store, or on the Xbox Live Marketplace. We've sent an email to an Activision representative to ask about plans in North America, and why this item is being offered.

When it launched this September, Destiny: The Taken King gave players a one-time, one-character boost that took them to level 25, leveling up their weapons commensurately.

The boost was included to allow all players to experience The Taken King's new content without having to grind their way to its minimum level threshold if they were beneath it. This new "level pack" appears to accomplish the same thing.

In October, Destiny introduced microtransactions in the form of purchasing "silver" for real world-money, which allowed players to acquire in-game cosmetic items like emotes.