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Noby Noby Boy players finally beat the game, six years later

Designer thanks players with bittersweet letter

Players of Noby Noby Boy, Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi's multiplayer PlayStation 3 oddity, have finally unlocked the game's ending. You can watch last night's grand finale — six years in the making — above.

The game relies on players taking on the role of Boy, who stretches across great distances to accumulate points. These points are then spent on his love interest, Girl, to help her complete her quest to unite the solar system's various bodies before heading back home. It took Noby Noby Boy's determined online community exactly 2,489 days to complete this task, but Girl has finally reunited with her Boy back on Earth.

Those who participated in bringing Girl back home were treated to a special letter from the cast at the game's conclusion.

It's a lengthy read, one which addresses some heavy questions about the nature of the world and existence. Dated Feb. 19, 2009, it also makes sure to ask players just how long it took for them to make it to that point.

Despite the game reaching its endpoint, players were treated to one last surprise: A bonus world opened up for players to traverse. According to the video's description, it's accessible only for a limited time.

Takahashi has since moved on to develop Wattam for PlayStation 4, which looks to be similarly unique. Take a peek at that game below.