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Kojima's next game is a timed PS4 exclusive, will eventually launch on PC

A Q&A published by Sony has more Qs than As.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

An FAQ published by Sony about their venture with Hideo Kojima adds new details about his studio's relationship to Sony — particularly that his next game will also be released on Windows PC.

The PC release will come sometime after the as-yet untitled game launches for PlayStation 4. In a Q&A published to Medium by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's community manager, Sony declined to say how long the PS4's timed exclusivity will last. Notably, it also declined to say who will own the game's copyright.

Sony also is not investing in Kojima Productions, so it doesn't belong in Sony's stable of worldwide development studios. The size of the contract Kojima Productions signed with Sony also isn't specified, other than its cost is already incorporated into Sony's financial picture.

The rest of the Q&A is tight-lipped about nearly everything else, reiterating that this will be "completely new" and won't have anything to do with the Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hills franchises, which of course are Konami properties.

The contract between Kojima Productions and PlayStation was announced shortly after midnight. Kojima announced that his employment with Konami, a tenure spanning nearly 30 years, terminated as of today and that he was starting a new studio, though it uses his old shop's name.

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