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You can re-download P.T., and here's how

Warning: Try this at your own risk

If you previously downloaded Konami ex-pat Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's project P.T. but accidentally removed it from your console, you're in luck: As discovered by a member of the Gamexeon forum, there's a way to get P.T. back onto your PlayStation 4.

The video above shows the method of re-downloading the playable teaser for canceled game Silent Hills. It involves downloading the PC program Squid to access your game library through a proxy server, wherein you'll find your old copy of P.T. This will only work for those who downloaded the game when it was originally available on the PlayStation Store, it must be noted.

It goes without saying, but we'll stress this anyway: This process is not a guaranteed safe, sure bet, although commenters on the Gamexeon thread shared their success with the method. There have yet to be contradicting posters suggesting that the process has bricked their consoles or gotten them banned from PlayStation Network. However, in the interest of safety, it's important to be aware that you're assuming these risks by attempting to download P.T. in this way.

Konami, which originally published P.T. and the rest of Kojima Productions' titles, pulled the free Silent Hills demo from the PlayStation Store in March. Not only was the game wiped from the shop, but anyone who had removed it from their consoles was unable to re-download the game.

The removal of P.T. was just one of many bumps in the road leading to Hideo Kojima's eventual departure from Konami. The Metal Gear Solid creator finally confirmed that he had split from his long-time publisher yesterday, following months of speculation. Kojima Productions will now run as an independent studio, and its first game is currently in development with support from Sony.

For more on the yearlong struggle between Kojima and Konami, check out our detailed recap.

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