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Hearthstone's best streamers react to having their decks stolen

Last week saw the final wing open up for Hearthstone's latest adventure, League of Explorers, and Blizzard saved some of the best and most imaginative boss fights of the whole adventure for the finale. The best of the bunch was a wild fight against Rafaam, a thief who starts the fight by stealing whatever deck you have to use for himself.

It's a great, surprising moment, and it looks like Blizzard successfully fooled even the most devoted of Hearthstone fans. In the video above, YouTube creator Disguised Toast has put together a montage of the most popular Hearthstone players taking on the Rafaam fight for the first time.

The results are beautiful. Expect a lot of swearing and confused glares.

You can see how we reacted to the fight in our video below, or check out more Hearthstone videos on our YouTube playlist.

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