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Spotify pairs Star Wars fans with their galactic musical match

Anakin likes pop-punk, but Darth Vader likes heavy metal

Music streaming service Spotify is the latest company to jump on Star Wars' branding bandwagon ahead of The Force Awakens theatrical debut. A new crossover between the musical social network and the film franchise helps users determine which of the series' characters they have the most in common with, based on their mutual musical predilections.

The Spotify Star Wars app judges you based upon your listening history. After analyzing your personal musical profile, the service rewards you with a playlist centered on the character whose own music taste most closely resembles your own.

Spotify users can access this app most quickly; the service simply does its thing with your existing information. If you don't have Spotify but need to know if your favorite band lines you up with the light or dark side, you can choose favorites from a pre-determined list in order to meet your match.

All of the playlists, for characters as diverse as Anakin SkywalkerLando CalrissianBB-8 and a Stormtrooper, are accessible from Star Wars' public Spotify profile. You'll find additional setlists there, too, including the official soundtracks from the films.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had its Hollywood premiere just last night, and people are sharing their spoiler-free impressions already. To prepare yourself for tomorrow's midnight showings of the seventh Star Wars film, take a look at our helpful explainer of everything you'll need to know.

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