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The Fuller House trailer: See every hidden clue in our shot-by-shot breakdown

Well, it's finally here, our first look at Fuller House via a new teaser released today by Netflix. You can watch for yourself above, but for a more exhaustive investigation, I've taken the liberty of breaking down every shot and sorting through the clues.


0:00-0:03 A Netflix logo ... well, that definitely confirms fan speculation that the DVD-by-mail service has a hand in this new project, whatever it may be.


0:04-0:07 A large bridge, similar to one in San Francisco, which would appear to hint at a San Francisco setting for this new project.


0:08-0:11 A street in what appears to be San Francisco. I'm about 80 percent certain that Polygon can exclusively confirm at this point that Fuller House will be set in San Francisco. San Francisco, you'll remember, was the setting for the original Full House series, except for that one episode at Walt Disney World.

0:12-0:16 Houses. Some full, some full-er? Really getting a sense of the importance of houses in this new series.


0:16-0:20 A shot of the front of a home which would appear to be very similar to the front of the home from the original series. Note the red front door and roof design.


0:21-0:26 In this image, we see a kitchen with a similar design to that of the Tanner family from Full House: The Original Series. How similar? Well, check out this comparison image:


What I've done here is digitally alter the original screenshot with a still from the original series. As you can see here, it is a very similar kitchen. One interesting difference is that the characters "Jesse," "Joey" and "Dad" are in the older still but do not appear in the trailer image.


0:27-0:29 Woah, very cryptic. What's happening on Feb. 26? Is this a warning? A threat? Also, what year? Is this a Feb. 26 we have already experienced or one that awaits us over the horizon?

Moar Fuller House

0:29-0:34 This shot is almost too loaded with clues to unravel in a single post. My most pressing question: Where is this living room? Also, who is the Trombone Man and why does he wait under the stairs? More importantly: Who does he wait for?

Moar Fuller House

0:35-0:37 "Life is full again" Still cryptic, but not as unnerving as Feb. 26 — or "Mystery Date," as those following the Fuller House clues have come to jokingly refer to it since they first saw it eight seconds ago.

0:38-0:43 A dog enters the scene. Note that the dog freezes for a moment, forming a perfect equilateral triangle between itself, Trombone Man and a pillow reading "Home Sweet Home." What are we being told? Before we can even process the clue, we begin to hear invisible voices that hail from parts unknown. "It's good to be back," one spirit remarks. Which begs the question ... where exactly have they been?

0:44-0:50 The dog goes to investigate the source of the invading spirits, which appears to be the front door. We sympathize with him, that urge to gaze upon the dark specters that seem to hover just out of our vision is one of our most primal. At the same time we recoil in dread, we're desperate to shepherd the dog away from the voices before they break free from whatever void they have been imprisoned in.

"CUT IT OUT!" one of the echoing, ghoulish voices barks at another. One can scarcely contemplate what grim instrument will be doing the cutting and what precious flesh prize the creature attached to the voice wishes to claim for his own.

0:51-0:53 An excruciatingly long hold on the door knob as we wait in dread for the grim unseen to come tearing through this gateway into our dimension.

0:54-0:59 In a heartbreaking shot that pushes the limits of taste and decency, the unnamed dog — which has become a symbol of our own powerlessness in the face of the grim invaders that plague our darkest moments — tries to hold the door shut. ... That's right, little friend: Do what you can, as we all must.

1:00 It begins. God help us all.

1:01-1:09 And there it is, the moment fans have been waiting for: The title of "Fuller House" appears, confirming that this new project will, at least in name, be tied to the original Full House series. A long wait, but well worth it.

1:10-1:15 In an unnerving epilogue, the Netflix logo appears again, despite already being clearly depicted in the opening moments. This would seem to be a hint at a non-traditional, cyclical narrative structure (as seen in films such as Memento). Or perhaps it's the creator's way symbolically indicating that Fuller House will deal with themes like the cyclical nature of man's inhumanity to man on the inevitability of despair.

Whatever is happening on Feb. 26, it can't get here soon enough!

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