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Celebrate the holidays with this festive new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

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Happy feast of Winter Veil, champion! In what's in all likelihood the final new Tavern Brawl of the year for Hearthstone, Blizzard is letting players get in the spirit of the season by exchanging gifts ... and then using those gifts to destroy your opponent.

In the "Gift Exchange" Tavern Brawl, both players will receive a "Winter's Veil Gift" — a 0-damage, 4-health box — on their side of the board. If you're able to crack open a crate on either side during your turn, you'll receive a Stolen Winter's Veil Gift, which you can play for one mana to receive a random minion or spell for a greatly reduced mana cost.

In the video above, we discover that the name of the game this week is less spreading holiday cheer and more selfishly grabbing as many presents for yourself as you can. So ... just like the holidays in real life!

Enjoy our equivalent of family post-gift-opening bickering, and check out more Hearthstone videos on our YouTube playlist.