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Netflix has a pair of socks that pause what's playing when you fall asleep

As more and more people are falling asleep with their laptops still on, sitting comfortably near the edge of their bed, the probability of people falling asleep to whatever's on Netflix is pretty high.

So high, in fact, that someone has come up with a way to ensure that Netflix will stop playing whatever show or movie you're watching as soon as you fall asleep.

And it's all done with a pair of high-tech socks.

It's all a part of Netflix's Make It program, which encourages subscribers to come up with nifty ideas that could benefit their streaming experience. This time around, the service has come up with a complete how-to guide for crafting this specific pair of socks.

The website does warn that a knowledge of knitting and building electronics is key, but from the looks of it, it's nothing that couldn't be done with a friend or family member with those specific set of skills. The way the socks work, essentially, is through an embedded motion sensor device in the lining.

According to the site, the sensor is built around a sleep detection system called actigraphy. When the sensor notices that you've stopped moving for an extended period of time, it sends a trigger signal to your television or laptop that will pause whatever's playing.

The website has an official list of tools, materials and instructions for crafting the socks and programming the sensor, as well as a couple of design options available for those that want their socks to reflect one of their favorite shows, like BoJack Horseman.

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