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Phoenix Wright meets bird law in Aviary Attorney, coming to Steam

Time to go toe-to-toe on bird law

Aviary Attorney is headed to Steam, and the Kickstarted indie represents the latest in a growing genre of bird-based games.

Developed by Sketchy Logic, you'll play as an eponymous bird lawyer taking on cases in 1848 France. Over the course of a series of chapters, attorney-at-law Jayjay Falcon aims to prove the innocence of his clients, who are made up of an array of animals.

Not only is this a fairly inventive premise, reminiscent of both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend, but the art style is remarkable, too. The French Revolution-era setting inspires Aviary Attorney's unique aesthetic.

Watch the trailer above for proof that, yes, this is a game that really exists, and it is beautiful. Originally scheduled to launch today, the developer pushed back the release at the last minute. You'll have to wait until tomorrow, Dec. 19, to check out the Windows PC visual novel for yourself.

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