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Twin Peaks revival enters production for 2017 debut

That David Lynch show you like is going to come back in style

Cult TV classic Twin Peaks is getting its long-awaited third season in 2017 on Showtime, as confirmed in the series' new teaser. Watch above for a peek behind the curtain of David Lynch's psychological, supernatural horror series.

Not much is offered in the way of new material, but you'll catch a few glimpses of the iconic locale that the third season will return to. Original cast members like Kyle MacLachlan will also be joining the present-day-set program.

Our most recent look at the series came by way of another, briefer teaser — one that took fans back inside the mysterious Black Lodge for a visit with the Man from Another Place. The show was originally set for a 2016 premiere, but you'll have to wait just a bit longer to get confused by this and the rest of the series' symbols and plot twists all over again.

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