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Netflix posts full Making a Murderer pilot on YouTube

Check out the true crime series for free

Netflix has put the pilot for its new true crime documentary series, Making a Murderer, up on YouTube for free.

The pilot, which clocks in at just over an hour, introduces audiences to Steven Avery, who was convicted of raping a woman when he was 22 in 1985. Avery served 20 years of a 60-year sentence before new DNA testing technology proved that he had been wrongfully imprisoned.

The release of the show comes just a couple of months after HBO wrapped its true crime documentary series, The Jinx, which investigated real estate tycoon Robert Durst and the people he allegedly murdered. Netflix has been slowly increasing the amount of original series and films it's producing, with plans to double what it's done so far.

The series is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix right now, but for those that don't have the service and are interested in checking it out, it doesn't look like Netflix will be taking down the pilot from its YouTube channel anytime soon.

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