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American Truck Simulator merges onto the freeway Feb. 3

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There's 18 wheels on a big rig, but only 'a couple of trucks' in the game at launch.

First announced this year at the spectacular PC Gaming Show extravaganza, I am pleased to report that American Truck Simulator, the cousin to the smash hit truck-driving franchise Euro Truck Simulator, has a launch date of Feb. 3, 2016.

Sing it with me, y'all! Roman numerals now!

Truck and train and farm and all kinds of simulators do well in Europe, so on behalf of the United States we're all glad they get to experience big rig driving in the nation where it was invented. Or something.

Sounds like this launch, coming to Steam, won't have a lot in it at the start, though. "A couple of trucks and the state of California that we are bringing you with the base game release is only a fraction of our grand vision," writes SCS Software, the game's developer. So while they want to have more rigs and eventually the entire nation, they only have two and one state.

The title doesn't have a price yet. But they're rollin' rollin' rollin' ...