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Super Smash Bros. mod Project M ceases development

The team behind Project M, the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod which rebalances the game to play more like its predecessors, has announced it will no longer be working on the project.

In an update to the Project M website, the Project M Development Team explains that after six years of releasing new versions of the fighting game alteration, it's decided to move on to other ventures.

"We've learned so much in the process of making Project M," the team writes, "but there's only so far we can take those skills in a volunteer project."

Calling it quits on Project M means the team will now have time to pursue original work, "built from the ground up."

"Rather than splitting our focus, many of us want to dedicate ourselves to this new venture fully," the farewell continues.

The group didn't specifiy what form its next work will take, but mentions that the Project M Development Team has effectively disbanded in the meantime.

Previously offered as a free download, the files for Project M are no longer available on the website, which now features only the disbanding announcement. We've reached out for clarification on the status of the game files, including a possible cause for their removal.

The most recent and now final release, version 3.6, launched this past June.

Project M began back in 2010 with the intention of simply changing one fighter, Falco, before growing into a full-scale modification of the Wii game. Not only did it skew the gameplay toward the faster Super Smash Bros. Melee, but it added previously cut characters, alternate costumes and new modes, too.

The mod grew in popularity, especially in fighting game circles, and has since been featured in a variety of gaming tournaments.