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Watch every single movie trailer this year in a six-minute mashup

With hundreds of movies released this year, it's hard to remember which films you've seen, which ones you wanted to see and which ones you definitely don't regret skipping.

While there are websites people can visit to read through the list of features that came out this year, YouTube user Sleepy Skunk has put together a six-minute video that incorporates clips from every film's movie trailer.

It's one of the better edited mashups that manages to balance major releases and independent darlings quite well, from Mad Max: Fury Road to It Follows and more. The user also included a link to their Tumblr page, which includes a list of every movie that's shown in the video in order of when it first appears.

The list is still being updated, but it's almost more fun to see how many movies you can name as the footage flashes across your screen.

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