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Mystery Science Theater 3000 takes on Star Wars in 'leaked audition tapes'

Crow and Tom Servo try out for the new Star Wars

Mystery Science Theater 3000 tends to stay away from the film production process, instead focusing on completed, and usually terrible, movies. But in the video above, made in conjunction with Funny or Die, robotic crew members Tom Servo and Crow try their hands at acting by auditioning for roles in upcoming Star Wars projects.

It's unlikely that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will get the full Mystery Science Theater treatment following its Dec. 18 release, so the pair of bots giving their best droid impressions is as close as the franchises might come to a crossover.

For MST3K fans, the "audition tapes" are most notable for introducing the new voices for the revived characters. Original host Joel Hodgson, who is spearheading a reboot of Mystery Science Theater through a Kickstarter campaign, announced that Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount will play Tom and Crow, respectively.

Other names in the cast of the revival include Felicia DayJonah Ray and the recently announced Patton Oswalt. The crowdfunding project is seeking $5.5 million in order to produce a full season of 12 new episodes of the show. Former cast members Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will not be returning.

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