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Bloodborne's new patch makes it easier than ever to max out your weapons

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Get Blood Rocks for the holidays

A new patch for Bloodborne, version 1.09 of the PlayStation 4 action RPG, adds a new way to secure one of the game's rarest materials, Blood Rocks. Those precious stones, which are required to max out weapons to +10 strength, are now available to purchase from the game's Insight Shop, as of today's update.

Buying Blood Rocks isn't cheap; they cost a hefty 60 insight and are only available in the shop after players have reached a certain point in the game. But the option to purchase the stones are a welcome addition, as players can only collect one Blood Rock per playthrough of the game — two if they own Bloodborne's expansion, The Old Hunters. The option to purchase Blood Rocks with insight also gives players additional motivation to help out other players in co-op.

Today's patch also reduces the cost of purchasing Blood Chunks from the Insight Shop. Those chunks cost just 20 insight, down from 30.

According to From Software's patch notes, the strength and stamina cost for several unspecified weapons has also been adjusted.