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You might have missed these classic characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The film’s coolest cameos were offscreen

Star Wars: The Force Awakens boasts several big-names in small, unexpected roles, but the seventh film in the franchise also featured some of its most iconic actors in an understated way that you might have missed.

If you somehow didn't catch the film over its box office record-breaking first weekend, be warned: This story contains spoilers.

A key scene finds Rey, the preternaturally gifted orphan who teams up with Han Solo, Chewbacca and ex-First Order soldier Finn, stumbling upon a lightsaber locked in the basement of all-knowing Maz Kanata. When she goes to handle the mystical weapon, she is immediately flooded by memories and thoughts both her own and belonging to its original wielder, Luke Skywalker.

While these images are flashing by, a series of voices speak up. According to Entertainment Weekly, director J.J. Abrams revealed in an interview at the Writers' Guild of America this weekend that it was classic characters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda who fans heard in the scene. Original actor Frank Oz provided the disembodied sounds of Yoda, while Ewan McGregor and even Sir Alec Guinness were back as Obi-Wan.

An old voice clip of Guinness, who passed away in 2000, was repurposed to make it sound like the Jedi master was calling out to Rey specifically.

If you've got good ears, you might have recognized the array of voices. If not, consider this your reason to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens a second (or third, or fourth) time.