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Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands unprecedented award nomination

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already shattered plenty of box office records, but the movie has also made history by reportedly earning an unprecedented nomination from the Broadcast Critics Association.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Association made the historic move to include the film as the eleventh contender for their Best Film award. The nomination list had come out eight days before The Force Awakens was released, effectively shutting the film out entirely. Usually, films must be submitted during a specific voting period and those that don't meet the deadline aren't considered at all.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there was an enormous amount of outcry from critics about not being able to see the film until only a couple of days prior to its release. As a result, they demanded that the rules be lifted so that The Force Awakens could be a contender.

The film will go up against other monstrously successful and critically acclaimed titles from the year, including Mad Max: Fury RoadThe Martian and Carol.

The Critics Choice Awards will air Jan. 17 on A&E. Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller will host the event.