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Volume turns up on PlayStation Vita Jan. 5

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Cross-buy will be honored for those who bought it on PS4

Five months after its launch on PlayStation 4, Volume will arrive on PS Vita, developer Mike Bithell announced yesterday. Volume will be available on the handheld beginning Jan. 5.

The cross-buy offfer for the game will still be honored, so anyone who purchased it for PS4 back in August will be able to pick it up free on Vita. (Likewise, buying it for Vita when it launches makes it available on PS4.) The Vita edition was originally to have launched with all other platforms (Windows PC and Mac) but it was delayed for unspecified reasons.

Volume is the second game game from Bithell, known for 2012's acclaimed Thomas Was Alone. Polygon scored Volume a 9.0 on PlayStation 4, calling the stealth game "a lovely thing made up of spellbinding puzzles that demand the player's attention."