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Destiny: The Taken King now includes the previous expansions, too

No matter which edition of the game you buy

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Destiny: The Taken King, this fall's substantial upgrade to the basic version of Destiny, now includes the game's first two expansion packs at one all-inclusive price.

Previously, players who wanted the full Destiny expansion suite would have to purchase The Taken KingThe Dark Below and House of Wolves individually. Considering The Taken King is priced at $40 and the earlier packs cost $20 each, Destiny fans were looking at spending an additional $80 on top of the required base game to access the extra content.

The Legendary Edition of The Taken King lists the addition of The Dark Below and House of Wolves as a major selling point of the $60 package, but now you'll get those expansions no matter which version of The Taken King you buy.

It's not immediately clear when Bungie began to offer the added content with purchases of The Taken King; the game's PlayStation Store and Xbox Store listings mention the new inclusion, as does its official website. Regardless, considering that many retailers currently offer the pack at a discount, now's a good time to try out the past year's worth of Destiny add-on content.

For a look at some of the expansion-exclusive content, check out our footage of The Taken King's newly added Sparrow Racing League belowRead our review for more on what the upgrade has to offer Destiny players.

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