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Rock Band 4's leaderboards are getting wiped in order to fix bugs

Say goodbye to your high scores

Harmonix has found a solution to some of what it calls Rock Band 4's "gnarly bugs," but it's one that dedicated players might not like. The developer will wipe out all of the game's leaderboard scores in order to eliminate scoring exploits and other issues with the game.

The fix will come as part of the game's January update, which Harmonix details in a blog post. To combat bugs that allow players to artificially or unfairly improve their scores — specifically one that allows drummers to easily go into overdrive — the studio will be tweaking each of the songs available in the game, as well as the difficulty levels and instruments.

As part of the adjustments, the leaderboards will be wiped clean in order to eliminate those scores obtained through unfair means. Only those records posted to the boards will be removed; players will still maintain their personal high scores in their game's stats.

Harmonix said that it's also working on fixing the game's code so that it can remove specific exploited leaderboard scores in the future, as opposed to completely wiping all records entirely.

There's no release date for the update yet beyond the January window.

Rock Band 4 launched in October for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We reviewed the game, which is the franchise's first since 2011.

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