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Destiny players getting some free in-game gifts after the holidays

Early next year, Destiny players will receive some free Strange Coins and Motes of Light to spend as they please, Bungie recently announced as part of the studio's year-end update.

It's not exactly a fortune, but anyone who checks with the Postmaster after January 7 will find 15 Motes of Light and 15 Strange Coins waiting for them. Motes of Light aren't especially difficult to come by — they're an upgrade material you receive in lieu of leveling up in Destiny's end-game — but Strange Coins, which you can spend on Xur's exotic inventory, have become more of a rarity after The Taken King's launch.

A more enticing gift will be delivered to anyone who logs on and completes an activity in the Director screen from January 7 - 10 — an exclusive Emblem, which will be delivered qualifying players on January 12.