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The Besties Game of the Year special for 2015 is now available, you monster

Last year, we published a post called "The Final Besties Ever." We're sorry that we lied about that, but we're even sorrier for those of you who made it happen by constantly demanding that we do it. We can't imagine what dark hole is embedded in your heart that you require one of the most universally maligned video game podcasts in history in order for your year to be complete, but that's your cross to bear.

True story: If Russ Frushtick's audio sounds odd during this episode, it's because he literally talked into the wrong side of his mic for the whole show, I shit you not. This is the podcast you demanded. This. This is on you.

If you'd like to subscribe to The Besties, you still can, believe it or not.

7:00 - Honorable Mentions

31:20 - Round One

1:09:50 - Round Two

1:45:20 - Round Three

2:25:25 - Final Decision

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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