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Family Guy creator hints at possible feature-length film

Ten years after the original Family Guy movie aired, creator Seth MacFarlane has hinted that another one may be in the works.

Yesterday, MacFarlane was responding to a few questions from fans on Twitter, and when one person asked him if they were going to get a Family Guy movie, he had this to say.

There's no official word on whether or not MacFarlane is in active talks with Fox to produce a second Family Guy film, but considering the success he's found with other movies like Ted, it wouldn't be too surprising.

The last Family Guy movie, which was later broken down into four half-hour long episodes, followed the youngest Griffin family member, Stewie, and his partner in crime, Brian, as they set out to find Stewie's actual father.

The show, which premiered in 1999, is currently in its 14th season and airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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