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Surrealist adventure Jazzpunk heads to PS4

Jazzpunk, Necrophone Studio's cyberpunk Cold War-era game, is making its way to PlayStation 4. Necrophone's creative director Luiz Hernandez made the announcement today in a post on the PlayStation Blog, in which he detailed new features coming to the console version of the Windows PC title.

A four-player splitscreen multiplayer mode will be added, revamping the PC game's deathmatch parody minigame, Wedding Qake. The expanded feature will include unlockable characters and new levels.

The single-player campaign will also receive a fresh coat of paint and additional content, although Hernandez declined to reveal what that will entail.

The PS4 version of Jazzpunk will be playable at PlayStation Experience, which starts this Saturday, Dec. 5, in San Francisco. No release date has been confirmed.

Check out our review of Jazzpunk, which first launched back in 2014.

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