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Hearthstone's latest Tavern Brawl turns it into a completely different kind of card game

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Ever since Tavern Brawl launched as a new mode in Hearthstone earlier this year, Blizzard has done a solid job of changing it up every week and trying new, weird things with the game. This week features the most drastic and interesting change the studio has ever tried, though.

This week's Tavern Brawl turns regular Hearthstone into a deck-building game.

To break down how it works: You begin the game with a small deck full of one-cost chickens that have one health and one attack, as well as a coin and a few one-cost spells that can buff up your chickens a bit. At the start of each turn, you're able to choose from three random cards; the one you choose goes into your hand immediately. But then every time you play a card, a copy of it goes into your deck, thus fleshing out your deck further.

Instead of drawing a new card each turn and keeping your hand, your deck is reshuffled and you're given four random cards from it every turn. So essentially, the goal is to wisely choose and play the right cards to keep building up your deck and assuring that your random four cards each turn will be strong. Through this new set of rules, Hearthstone becomes a game about building a smart deck as you progress rather than having a smart deck built up from the start.

It's a little confusing to grasp unless you see it in action, so check out our video above. If you'd like to see more Hearthstone videos, you can watch our full playlist on YouTube.

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