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Report: Dark Cloud leaked for backward compatibility on PS4, PS2 discs not supported

Dark Cloud, the action role-playing game from Level-5, will one day be playable on PlayStation 4 via PlayStation 2 backward compatibility, according to a video leaked earlier today on the official PlayStation Europe YouTube channel.

Sony has since taken down the video. But a screenshot of the clip's description (posted on Twitter by @BradazKing) appears to show that a PS4 would upscale PS2 games to 1080p resolution. Other additions delivered by backward compatibility include PlayStation Network trophies, plus support for Share Play, Remote Play and second-screen features via the PlayStation Vita or the PlayStation mobile app.

The screenshot also seems to confirm that if Sony brings PS2 backward compatibility to PS4, the feature will not allow users to simply pop their existing PS2 discs into a PS4, as some may have hoped when Sony said it was working on backward compatibility via software emulation.

"PS2 Classics and PS2-formatted discs are incompatible with the PS4 system," the description reads.

We've reached out to Sony for comment, and will update this article with any information we receive.

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