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Carrie Fisher fires back at body shamers: 'Blow us'

After being attacked on Twitter by various people for her appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Carrie Fisher has responded.

The actress, who plays General Leia Organa in the film, has never been someone to shy away from criticism or a fight in the past, and this time around, used a few biting tweets to make her points about aging heard.

In the first tweet, Fisher told critics to stop talking about her body, adding that she's aged pretty well. She ended the first tweet with a straight forward, "Blow us."

Fisher than added in a follow up tweet that her body is just a "brain bag" and simply exists to get her in front of the people she wants to see.

The actress also retweeted a few of the critiques she received from various people, and more importantly, a few of the defenses.

As one fan pointed out, men do not age better than women, but they are simply allowed to age. Especially in Hollywood, a world dominated by younger women and older men. The age disparity in the industry has been an issue since the birth of cinema, and despite relentless criticism from women about the way they're treated, there hasn't been much done to change it.

Fisher tweeted out similar thoughts, proclaiming that youth and beauty aren't accomplishments and despite what some may believe, everyone will age at some point.

To date, no one has criticized Harrison Ford for his appearance in The Force Awakens.

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