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Two new characters in Finding Dory revealed

And they're predictably adorable.

Everyone knows who Nemo, Marlon and Dory are, but what about the other misfit fish swimming through the great blue in Pixar's upcoming Finding Dory?

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first two characters that will join the supporting cast; snub-nosed beluga whale Bailey, and whale shark Destiny.

The two characters will play a huge role in helping Dory reunite with her long-lost family, but they're more like the movie's titular bluefish than the aforementioned clownfish family.

Finding Dory

Modern Family's Ty Burrell described his character, Bailey, as not being "great at his own sonar capability," and described Destiny, who will be voiced by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Kaitlin Olson, as a shark "that has trouble swimming straight."

From the sounds of it, these three will make up the core group traveling from one end of the ocean to the next to find Dory's family, but there are still a few more characters that will pop up in the film that have yet to be announced.

For example, whom will Idris Elba be voicing in the movie? Or Dominic West? Until more details on those characters are revealed, this will have to do.

Finding Dory hits theaters June 17, 2016.

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