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The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere trailer focuses on Negan

The New Year means it's time for resolutions, good times with friends and most importantly, the return of regularly scheduled TV programming.

AMC is aware that the winter hiatus period can be rough for those looking to get their weekly fix, and in turn released a new 30-second television spot promoting the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

The spot focuses heavily on the introduction of Negan, one of the most vile villains in the comic book series, who will make his debut later on this season. It was previously announced that Negan would be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural).

On top of that, the spot is full of wretched zombies who have begun to attack Rick and his clan of runaways.

"I thought living behind these walls was possible," Rick says at the beginning of the trailer. "I was wrong."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 14 at 9 pm ET.