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Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is on its way

JC2-MP fans, rejoice!

The team behind Just Cause 2's popular multiplayer mode, JC2-MP, is currently working on a similar mod for this year's Just Cause 3. While the mode is still in development, the trailer above shows off the progress that's been made thus far.

Publisher Square Enix gave the OK to Just Cause 2's fanmade multiplayer feature, which debuted years after the game's release. The added servers for the Windows PC version of the game launched in 2013 and are accessible directly from Steam as a free download. Despite it being embraced by both fans and Square Enix, developer Avalanche Studios confirmed last year that Just Cause 3 would remain a single-player experience, at least initially.

An officially developed multiplayer for the open-world adventure remains unannounced, leading players to once again take adding the feature into their owns hands. Just Cause fans can look forward to playing with and against each other sometime in the New Year.