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Sharon Carter makes an appearance in new Captain America: Civil War photos

After months of having to guess what Captain America: Civil War would look like, Marvel has begun to release the first batch of stills from the film.

The latest crop of photos, which were provided to Entertainment Weekly by the studio, don't offer too much more information than what we gathered from the trailer released last week. There is one interesting shot, however, that shows off Captain America standing in a room with Sharon Carter.

Civil War

At the end of the last Captain America film, The Winter Soldier, there was a hinted romance between Carter and Steve Rogers, but nothing more was ever said about it. Now, Chris Evans has hinted that Rogers is more than open to the idea of a relationship with Carter.

"Sharon is obviously relevant, but ... we don't have to tie it up in one movie," Evans said. "So they have time."

Based on that statement, it looks like Rogers and Carter's relationship will progress, but there won't be anything concrete that occurs in Civil War. It's interesting that Evans adds "they have time" to wrap up the storyline, alluding to their romance being a pretty big arc in another film. Whether that's one of the Avengers movies or another Captain America feature is unclear. Evans has said in past interviews that he would love to continue playing the character, so there's definitely a possibility that audiences could see another couple of Captain America installments.

For now, Civil War will still focus heavily on the complicated friendship between Rogers and best friend Bucky Barnes, otherwise known as the Winter Solider.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6, 2016. Check out the rest of the photos here.

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