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Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy and more PS2 games trademarked by Sony Europe

The list of potential PS2 games heading to PS4 keeps growing

Following yesterday's report that PlayStation 2 game Dark Cloud would be heading to PlayStation 4, it appears that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has filed trademark registration requests for that title and three other PS2 games.

Dark Cloud is joined by Rogue Galaxy, The Mark of Kri and War of the Monsters as the PS2 games SCEE trademarked today. The records are found in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market's database, which logs all intellectual property rights requests in the European Union.

oami rerating

Dark Cloud's sequel, Dark Cloud 2, showed up on the European rating board PEGI's website back in September. The PS2 game was one of several re-rated for a PS4 release.

Sony has not yet announced that any of these games will be heading to PS4, but the company did recently confirm that PS2 emulation is possible on PS4.

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