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Battleborn cast adds new member for PS4 beta testers, plus a penguin in a mech suit

New gameplay footage of the latest Battleborn fighter

As previously announced, the open beta for Battleborn, Gearbox Software's upcoming multiplayer battle arena title, is hitting PlayStation 4 first when it launches early next year. Randy Pitchford, the company's CEO, revealed during today's PlayStation Experience keynote presentation that players will have access to an additional character once the full game launches, exclusively available to those who check out the PS4 beta. The free bonus character will up the cast to a total of 26 fighters.

Pitchford also showed off a new member of the cast, who will be available to try out once the beta launches. Toby, a mech suit-clad penguin, was featured in a gameplay trailer, which you can watch above.

Initially set to arrive Feb. 9 on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One, Battleborn was delayed until May 3, 2016. The new date was announced shortly after the end of the game's closed beta, which began at the end of October. Check out our hands-on preview of Battleborn for more on what to expect from the game.