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Bastion, The Bit.Trip series, Nuclear Throne coming to Vita and PS4 today

What's old is new again

Sony's Nick Suttner, part of the PlayStation Developer Relations team, took to the stage at PlayStation Experience this afternoon to announce some new releases of existing titles coming to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 platforms.

First up is Bastion — Supergiant Games' debut title, first released in 2011 and announced for Playstation Vita at last year's PlayStation Experience — which is available on the handheld platform today. It's launching for $2.99, and supports Cross Buy with PlayStation 4, which "is the cheapest it's ever been on a console," Suttner said.

Also announced is The Bit.Trip, a collection of the first six Bit.Trip titles from Choice Provisions (née Gaijin Games) "in HD for the first time on a console all together" and will be available for $9.99, including Cross Buy support for PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

Lastly is Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne which, while it's been in Early Access on Steam since 2013, is launching on PS4 and Vita today.

Those in attendance at PlayStation Experience in San Francisco today will get copies of both Nuclear Throne and The Bit.Trip for free. If that applies to you, download the Experience PlayStation app on your phone and navigate to the rewards section for details on how to redeem the gift.

PlayStation Experience Vita indies

PlayStation Experience Vita indies

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