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Golem heads to PlayStation VR from Destiny and Halo veterans, watch and hear it here

Marty O'Donnell's music returns

Golem, the first title from the Destiny and Halo veterans at Highwire Games, is in development and heading to PlayStation VR first.

Press play above to see the first gameplay footage and what looks to be the titular stone giant. According to Adam Boyes, PlayStation VP of publisher and developer relations, Golem is being "made from the ground up for VR."

Halo composer Marty O'Donnell and veteran Bungie designer Jaime Griesemer announced the formation of Highwire, a deliberately small studio, in June 2015.

"There's a thing that happens when the stakes get higher and higher," O'Donnell said when revealing the company. "Budgets go through the roof and the teams go from small, intimate teams to multiple hundreds of people. We've been there and done that. We don't have any desire to do that again."

O'Donnell, a longtime employee of Bungie where he composed music and oversaw audio production, was fired in April 2014. The composer sued his former employer, and a court-appointed arbitrator sided with O'Donnell in September 2015, granting him compensation for unpaid wages and profit sharing.

For more on Highwire, be sure to read our coverage of its formation.

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