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Powers returns to PlayStation Network in an explosive season 2 trailer

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Who killed Retro Girl?

Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker return in a very changed second season of the PlayStation Network's first original scripted television series, Powers.

Powers, if you need a refresher, is based on Image Comics' superhero-flavored, noir police procedural series of the same name, drawn by Michael Avon Oeming and written by Brian Michael Bendis — who, as the trailer is careful to note, created the character Jessica Jones for Marvel, who's now enjoying critical and public accolades over at Netflix.

Reception to the first season was lukewarm, even for this die-hard fan, but it seems like season two aims to turn up that heat, with a bigger scope, a major death (in the comics, the death of Retro Girl was the inciting event of the series) and nerd-favorite actors like Tricia Helfer and Wil Wheaton picking up roles. Season two of Powers will premiere in 2016.