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Live-action Street Fighter: Resurrection makes its debut March 2016

Machinima and Capcom collaborate for a second time

Street Fighter: Resurrection, a new live-action miniseries, will begin next March, Machinima announced in a press release.

The gaming-heavy production studio is collaborating with franchise developer Capcom on the five-episode series, which will air exclusively on social platform go90 – the first Machinima series to do so.

While stalwarts Ryu and Ken will make featured appearances, it's combatant Charlie Nash who will take center stage. Played by Alain Mousi (Suicide Squad, X-Men: Days of Future Past), you can see the character in action in the teaser trailer above.

Nash's story is set 10 years after the events of Machinima's previous take on the franchise, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Resurrection boasts the same creative team as the 2014 series, including director Joey Anash (The Bourne Ultimatum) and actors Mike Moh and Christian Howard, who play Ryu and Ken, respectively.

After the success of the Assassin's Fist series, a sequel, World Warrior, was announced. Resurrection takes the place of that series, which was set to tell the story of antagonist M. Bison.

Assassin's Fist was itself a follow-up. It was preceded by fan film Street Fighter Legacy, with both exploring the origins of Ryu and Ken in live-action.

Street Fighter: Resurrection will "set the stage" for the franchise's latest entry, Street Fighter 5. The game launches a few weeks ahead of the show on Feb. 16 on PlayStation 4, with a Windows PC release to follow in the spring.

A firm release date for the Machinima show is forthcoming, as are further details on its cast.

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