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Quentin Tarantino says Kill Bill 3 is a 'possibility'

After facing years of questions, Quentin Tarantino has said Kill Bill 3 is definitely a possibility.

Tarantino sat down with What The Flick?! Host Ben Wankiewicz to talk about his upcoming film The Hateful Eight. During their discussion, Tarantino admitted that while there was certainly a possibility of a third Kill Bill movie being made, it stopped just "short of seeing a probability."

Still, he added that he's had the idea of what to do with the characters, especially Beatrix Kiddo, in the back of his mind for years, but wanted to give the character some down time and wait for the actors to age naturally.

From the sounds of it, however, it's definitely a project he's interested in pursuing and one that would probably garner the support of any studio he brought it to. Although, considering he's been working with Harvey Weinstein since the beginning of his career, Kill Bill 3 would most likely be developed through Weinstein Co. if it were to happen.

Thinking back on his original film and its sequel, Tarantino admitted that it would be nice to take a break from his current style of filmmaking and return to that cinematic world.

"So the thing about [Kill Bill] was that is probably my most visionary cinematic contribution," Tarantino said. "It would be nice to go back to a visceral world that's not about the words anymore."

While it's advisable to not hold your breath on this one, at least Tarantino hasn't given up on the idea of picking the series up again.

To watch what Tarantino has to say about the film, fast forward to the 57-minute mark in the video below.

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