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Here's how Destiny's new Sparrow racing mode works

Destiny's newest limited-time event, the Sparrow Racing League, kicks off tomorrow, bringing with it new opportunities to spend money on microtransactions for items like emotes, developer Bungie announced today.

Two vendors in the Tower will be your go-to officials for the Sparrow Racing League: Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright in the Tower Hangar, and Tess Everis, who runs the Eververse Trading Company. Holliday will give you the SRL License quest, which will reward you with a new Sparrow. She'll also offer SRL bounties, which you can complete to raise your SRL reputation; the higher your rank, the better the postgame drops you'll receive. SRL-exclusive class items and helmets can drop at up to 320 Light, and can be used for infusion. Other gear won't have Light, but will confer racing perks.

The Eververse Trading Company will sell new emotes that "celebrate the thrill of speed and competition"; if the Halloween emotes are anything to go by, expect some more pop culture references. Eververse customers will be able to buy toolkits with new Sparrows, as well as toolkits that let you put horns on your Sparrows. Everis will also sell an item called a record book, which will give players special SRL objectives; completing those tasks will result in exclusive gear like an emblem and a shader.

Bungie unveiled the Sparrow Racing League during PlayStation Experience this past weekend. The event, which runs from Dec. 8-29 on all platforms and will be available only to owners of Destiny: The Taken King, will go live with Destiny's 2.1 update; the patch is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning Pacific Time.

For more on Destiny: The Taken Kingcheck out our review. You can read more about Sparrow Racing League in our hands-on from PlayStation Experience.

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