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System Shock 3 has been revealed

Looks like System Shock 3 is on its way.

A countdown clock on developer Otherside Entertainment's website set to reveal System Shock 3 has gone and done so ahead of time.

The timer is set for 5 days from now, at which point it will unveil a sequel to Looking Glass Studios' cyberpunk shooter series. Right now, two S's are visible on the countdown site. However, the page unveiling the newest System Shock is already live.

This is good news for fans of the franchise, of which the last entry made it to PC back in 1999. Otherside is made up of several members of the defunct Looking Glass team.

Current series IP holder Night Dive Studios is working on a new game, too: a reimagining of the original System Shock. The company recently released an enhanced port of the first game, too. Check out video of that below.