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Who's Your Daddy pits a self-destructing baby against an incompetent parent

Witness babysitting at its finest

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Who's Your Daddy is war, but it is also babysitting, which is only going to make any sense at all after you've seen it played. In the game, which is in early alpha now and gathering support on Steam Greenlight, one player controls a baby hell-bent on self-destruction using any household items they can get their hands on. The other controls that baby's father, who has to keep their bundle of joy from chugging bleach, putting a fork in a power outlet or tossing itself into the oven until mom comes home. It's a battle as old as time itself.

You can watch Justin and I play a few rounds of Who's Your Daddy above, but be forewarned: It is NSFW. Particularly if you work at a nursery or something.

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