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The iPad and iPhone get a worthy controller with the Gamevice

The Gamevice, an attachable iOS gamepad controller, first hit stores earlier this year for the iPad Mini.

The $99.95 controller used high-end parts and a smart cradling system to deliver one of the better controllers on the market for the iPad Mini.

Today, an iPhone version of the Gamevice launched. The new Gamevice also sells for $99.95 and supports the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. It's still a well-designed device, though the thumbsticks aren't nearly as solid feeling as the larger iPad Mini version's. Perhaps to make up for that, the device is designed to fold up onto itself and click together with hidden magnets, making it easier to tote around with you.

Both the iPad Mini and iPhone versions of the Gamevice are among my favorite iOS controllers on the market today. Check out the video above for more detailed thoughts and then hit up our guide to iOS controllers right here.

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